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Based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.


We produce stories that represent us and describe us as human beings and as a society
As a project of the director Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez, Abubuya Producciones was founded in 2016 as a platform for the development of audiovisual projects, mainly fiction feature films, which tell local and at the same time universal stories, with artistic and technical quality without giving up being attractive commercially.
Abubuya Producciones intends to develop an audiovisual project at least once a year, with the aim of developing in the short term a solid catalog that is inserted with force in the international markets, both in traditional circuits and in the windows or alternative means of diffusion resulting from the advances of technology.
Abubuya Producciones has launched the Abubuya Foundation, which in order to organize, collaborate on projects and activities that contribute to the development of human talent and the incipient local audiovisual industry

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