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Title Bárbara
Type Fiction Feature film
Screenplay Pedro A. Gutiérrez
Direction Pedro A. Gutiérrez
Country Bolivia
Premiere 2017
Gender Drama
Duration 90 min.
Studio Abubuya Productions



Barbara has just returned from Chile to where she went to work. Her family thinks that she is returning home, but her intention is to go and process her visa to Spain, where she was accepted for a job. However, a serious accident involving your family means that you must modify your plans and face the circumstances and the people you wanted to leave behind.

To October of 2018 - Selected in:

  • Platinum Awards for Best First Work
  • International Film Festival of America - Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico - 2018
  • Miami Independent Film Festival - Miami, USA - 2018
  • Madrid Independent Film Festival - Madrid, Spain - July 2018 - Nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Actress
  • Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival - Calzada Calatrava, Spain - July 2018
  • Latin Film and Music Awards - Marbella, Spain
  • International Film Festival of Pasto, Colombia
  • International Film Festival of Santa Cruz, FENAVID, Bolivia
  • International Film Festival of Córdova, Argentina.